Who we are

The family business was founded in 1997 under the name Propane du Suroit. It specializes in the distribution of propane and stands out for its relationship with their customers, its technical service as well as its boutiques.

A Renewed Energy


In 2017, on its 20th anniversary, Propane du Suroit adopted a new identity and became Suroit Propane. This change reflects the renewed energy and the constant desire of all the members of the organization to improve the quality of the products and services offered.

Since the anniversary, all of Group Suroit’s enterprises share the same logo and the same basic identity. They are so named: Suroit Propane for the distribution of residential, commercial and agricultural propane; Suroit Petrotech for the distribution of fuels and lubricants; and Suroit Boutique for the retail sale of heating equipment and appliances powered by propane gas.

Our Values

As a family-owned business, Suroit relies on strong values that are experienced throughout the organization and these values are transmitted in the way we communicate with our clients and approach the services offered.

These values are integrity, authenticity, respect for our customers and employees as well as the continuous search for total customer satisfaction.

These values form the cornerstone on which develops the whole culture of the organization.


  • Reliability and trust,
  • Consistency and continuity,
  • Fairness and equity,
  • Human presence with a serene energy that is close to people,
  • Modern and forward-efficient solutions for the customer,
  • A vital breath that is constantly renewed,
  • Open to new technology, to new ways of doing things.