Suroît Pétrotech has been working in the field of petroleum products for over 35 years.

Our company specializes in the distribution of fuels such as gasoline, diesel and fuel oil and lubricants for the commercial and agricultural sectors.

We serve a diverse client base to whom we deliver several million litres of fuel on time every year and in full compliance with Canadian and American regulations. All deliveries are handled by dedicated drivers who know you.



Located at the head office at 1325 boulevard Saint-Jean-Baptiste West,  Sainte-Martine , this self-service station is available 24/7 for your fuel needs.

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We serve a diverse clientele for whom we deliver millions of litres of fuel per year on time, in full compliance with Canadian and American regulations. Our established territory for deliveries allow us to meet the demands of our customers throughout Quebec. We provide continuous refills thanks to an advanced telematics system for managing fuel levels so that you never have to worry about your fuel reserves. The refills are done automatically so that the levels always remain optimal.

Safety and environmental protection are fundamental components of our services and we make a point of exceeding government standards. All of our tanks have double walls and we maintain our pumps, filters, hoses, and guns diligently to minimize the risk of a spill or accident.


Installation of fuel and diesel tanks

We offer the installation service of tanks for your fuel needs.