The Benefits of Propane Conversions

Our team’s expert work ensures that the installation of propane conversion systems and parts is made following excellent quality standards, allowing us to work on hundreds of auto propane-powered vehicles at our workshops. On top of that, our systems are highly safe, both under the hood of your car and at our filling stations.
Drivers that decided to switch to a propane-fuelled vehicle are saving big with their fuel bill decreasing by 40%! A converted vehicle also allows you to reduce your environmental impact. Because propane is a “cleaner” fuel than gasoline (lower octane), you will get lower carbon dioxide emissions. Cleaner emissions can even make you save on maintenance costs.
By choosing the Propalia network, you have access to a supply service throughout Quebec as well as 24/7 assistance available to access card holders for maximum convenience.

Main advantages:

The main advantages of autopropane are:

  • Very big savings of money;
  • A high octane number of 105, and therefore no loss of power;
  • The reduction of polluting emissions;
  • Cleanliness of combustion which reduces maintenance needs;
  • Security ;
  • The availability.