Save on fuel costs


Save 40% and more on your fuel bill with auto propane!

Propane / Fuel Price Comparison

Be among the 23 million drivers that run on autogas with our propane/fuel hybrid system that stands as a cheaper alternative to gasoline. By choosing propane over gasoline, you will achieve substantial savings. A hybrid propane system, when installed by a certified and experienced technician like at Alliance AutoPropane, is efficient, clean and remarkably economical.

With gas prices soaring, the math is simple:

If you use 135 litres of gasoline per week, your annual savings could be as high as $3,950 and if you use 200 litres, you could save $5,853. That’s more than $23,532 over 4 years. It’s the equivalent of the price of a brand new compact car!

Plus, because propane is a cleaner burning fuel than gasoline and has a higher octane rating than gasoline, you could even reduce your maintenance costs. It is a cost-efficient solution for high consumption vehicles, such as vans or buses, vehicle fleets or people who drive a lot, like salespeople.

A quick return on investment

Choosing a hybrid propane system is a wise decision that will provide benefits for years to come. You can recover the amount invested for the vehicle’s hybrid propane conversion in just 12 months. It all depends on your actual* fuel consumption.

Propane autonomy is almost as equal as gasoline’s. Realistically, it is estimated that propane gives an average of 80% in fuel autonomy per litre. In spite of that, the savings forecast is promising.







*It is better to look at fuel consumption at the pump rather than based on mileage since many service vehicles run their engines continuously even when they are not driving long distances.