Combine your purchases

Gain by combining your purshases !  

Simplify life and enjoy the many benefits that Groupe Suroît offers you by combining your purchases of propane, fuels, and lubricants.

One  supplier for all your needs. 

Our reputation to deliver on time, safely, in the desired quantities and at competitive prices is impeccable. However, it is the exceptional quality of our customer service which is our greatest pride.

By choosing Groupe Suroit, you benefit from all the energy of our service.

Never run out of propane or fuel!

Whether it is propane or fuel, Suroît Propane and Suroît Pétrotech continuously refill tanks thanks to an advanced telematics system for managing fuel levels. You can even have access to an application that shows you in real time the levels of propane or fuel remaining in your tank(s) so that you never have to worry about refills. They can be done automatically so that the levels always remain optimal; an important advantage, particularly during peak periods.


Suroît takes care of everything!

From the installation of the tank to the delivery of propane or fuel, through automatic replenishment, we can take care of everything so that you never have to worry about this part of your operations.

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