Propane Maintenance, Repair, and Home Delivery Services

At Suroît Propane, our goal is to provide you with complete satisfaction regarding your home’s energy needs. When you choose propane as the main energy source for your home, you are guaranteed one of the most efficient energies on the market!

Suroît Propane offers you a large range of products for your home including heating products and cooking appliances as well as propane installation and maintenance services. Our team delivers a personalized service from the start of your purchase and makes sure you get the best customer service afterward.



Propane Appliance Maintenance and Repair

With 20 years of experience as propane suppliers for residential customers, we understand home owners’ energy needs. We also oversee the maintenance and repair of all your propane fuelled appliances. Our technicians will make sure your appliances function to the best of their ability.



Home Propane Delivery Service 

All of our drivers have successfully completed training in the handling and delivery of bulk propane. Each of them has acquired the certification required by the laws of the industry and they will gladly travel to your residence to fill your propane tanks.

Our automatic delivery service allows you to fill your tanks routinely. Thanks to a new technology, the Otodata system, you no longer need to worry. This system ensures that you will always have enough propane to meet your needs.

Please contact us for more information on our residential propane services available across many areas of Quebec.

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