Suroît Propane offers multiple installation services to answer your different needs, regardless of the sector. Our team of qualified professionals ensures the safe installation of your appliances by respecting the high quality standards provided by the “Régie du Bâtiment du Québec” to guarantee you the best comfort and peace of mind possible.

Fore more details, we invite you to contact our customer service department at 1 888-427-1706.


At Suroît Propane, you are guaranteed to receive the amount of propane needed to ensure your comfort and peace of mind to satisfy your daily needs. We are also committed to never leaving your propane tank empty.

We offer two types of delivery services adapted to your needs in order to respect our engagements: the automatic delivery service and the «on-call» delivery service.

The automatic delivery service by Wesroc is better suited for clients with a constant and predictable propane consumption whereas the «on-call» delivery service is better adapted to clients with a more irregular consumption and who wish to decide their moment of delivery.

For the «on-call» delivery service, we highly suggest that you send your requests when your tank reaches the 30% level so that we can make the delivery as efficient as possible.


To ensure a better lifespan for your appliances and maintain an optimal efficiency, Suroît Propane offers a variety of maintenance plans for all your propane gas appliances. For all maintenance needs on one of your appliances or for expert advice, we invite you to join our service department.


Suroît Propane offers repair services for appliances and installations powered by propane to make sure they function properly and securely.

Our team of experts travels to repair your appliances regardless the sector.

Whether it's for a fireplace, a pool heater, a unit heater, a furnace or a boiler, nothing gets in the way of our team of professionals!

Contact us to repair one of your appliances or for information regarding parts.

Remote Tank monitor - Management System

The remote tank monitor technology Neevo by otodata offered by Suroît Propane*  allows us to know in real time the level of propane gas left in your tank.

For example, when a tank reaches a level below 30%, our delivery department is automatically notified by the Otodata system in order to provide a delivery as soon as possible.

This system could be very useful for people who must be absent for an extended period or simply to ensure your peace of mind.

For rental pricing or simply to receive further information about this system, please contact our sales department.

* Certain conditions apply